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guy_with_hounds [userpic]
A Gorean wine for the Real World
by guy_with_hounds (guy_with_hounds)
at November 7th, 2008 (05:43 am)

The ancient Greeks had a word for wine. Vitis, from which we get the word vital meaning needed for life. We man and woman of Gor live outside the norms of society. For us Gor is as Vital as breathing. So are our wines.


When you walk into a tavern on Gor you have many choices Mead, Page, Ka-la-na or even the rare gem of Thentis - Black Wine.


While we here at


Each bottle - and their are only 500 in existence - come with a certificate of authenticity, a hand sewn black carry case and are numbered.


Starting the week of November 8, 2008 you can purchase this bit of Gor here on Earth. Go to www.goreanwines.com or simply call 440-293-8199 and state proudly that you wish to purchase some "Black wine" inspired by Gor and those who live it.


www.goreanwines.com feel we have created a wine that was inspired by John Norman's Chronicles of Gor. A lush 100 % Pinot Noir with hints of coffee, mocha, cherries and black currents. Truly a rare and wonderful find, worthy of a Gorean.

georgebarracuda [userpic]
the Oasis of the Battle of Red Rock ... more beautiful
by georgebarracuda (georgebarracuda)
at June 27th, 2008 (11:01 am)

current mood: excited


... after a few days and a huge work our beloved Oasis is much more beautiful than ever .... bigger spaces, new furtures and a large market area that We all hope will increase in the future.

a new Golden Gate                                                                           .. entering the city, just close to the left .. a wonderful Tahari Cafè

..the Oasis Scribery in front of the Homestone Obelisque        .... a new larger and more furnished Arena

.. we do take care of our beloved Free Women, with a nice pavillion only for them (men are not allowed in it)

A new building for the Public Baths was established with a lovely sand garden inside

Thanks to His Grace's magnificency the Oasis is still growing ... and a special thank goes also to our beloved sabel and dallas, who really helped so much in all the work.

George Barracuda
Chief Scribe and Head Magistrate

Busy times in Red Rock
by Viktel Arbizu (viktel)
at June 24th, 2008 (12:45 pm)

We are all very busy and excited as Red Rock has been moved, stone by stone! This marvellous effort was achieved through the tireless work of the noble Chief Scribe, Sir George, and through the wisdom of His Grace the High Pasha. Also, our slaves worked very hard, especially Sabel who did wonders with the plants.

We now have more room to grow.

There are still plenty of small things to change and perfect, and lots of furniture to move, but I hope we can send an invitation to all our friends to visit us soon.

I am so pleased to be part of this exciting city!!


note from Lady khalida Juutilainen
by binta_amat (binta_amat)
at June 7th, 2008 (03:11 pm)

current mood: curious

Today I recieved this note from Lady khalida Juutilainen 


I am sending this note to a few FW who might be interested in joining me for the following:

My FC, the Admin of Hellenos and I have noticed that FW in SL Gor have a fairly unbalanced representation and the attitude of many towards them is not as it should be.  Constantly faced with being the sport of collaring (for totally the wrong reasons) and lacking their due respect, these highly prized ladies (according to John Norman) deserve to be in their rightful place. The bearers of the new generation of Goreans and  their educators, these women have an esteemed place in Gorean society.

Much work has to be done to show the true value of the Gorean FW, and it is my belief that this can be done slowly and surely by women showing more openly the active part that they can play in SL Gor. FW are waling around with the tag "jaded Free Woman" over their heads. This just about describes how many women feel - we are not all wannabe slaves or slaves in waiting - we have a role that is wide and varied if only we are allowed to play it - whether it be in a lifestyle sim or purely RP.

One way is to have regular and publicised FW events, another is to have regular visits across sims for local events where the women are seen and heard, yet another is to have a booth at the Gorean Hub with quotes and other attractions, even a FW center is on the cards.  We need to be able to make FW feel much more secure in their roles - to have quotes and practical things at their fingertips and to be able to instigate things on their sims that will bring kudos to their city or settlement.

FW do not want to be seen as hanging around waiting for a FC (although that is nice when it happens!!) but a woman who gets up and does things for the city rather that sit on the sidelines is so much more attractive, accepted, integrated and protected.

I have the makings of a FW day - more fun than anything - but am open to lots more events and lots of ideas. I am also about to start a simple set of FW studies for new FW and freed slaves.

I am inviting you to be part of this  effort - whether you can dedicate large or small amounts of time is all appreciated. It is going to be fun with a very serious intent and I am hoping that by our examples we can change the lesser attitudes towards FW right around SL Gor.  It is going to be exciting and fun and I do hope you will join me.

If you are interested please IM me and I will get bck to you. Equally if you have interested friend please get them to IM me even if you think you cannot spare the time.

I hope we can all get together shortly after you recieve this message.

Anyone wanting to know more about it can contact Lady khalida Juutilainen inworld

shiva.. and his owner
by binta_amat (binta_amat)
at May 4th, 2008 (09:14 am)

current mood: excited

Last night, sabel called me to RR, for two reasons.  One was a man in prison that needed my attention, and shiva, who seemed to have been forgotten in the cage in the kennel.
I went to the kennel, and with the help of some clever slaves, we were able to release the poor boy.  I gave him some kanda to chew on; being in that cage for two days gave him painful muscles.

Than we went to see the man in prison.. but when we arrived there I saw a Warrior showing a drawing, as soon as I saw the drawing I knew we were in trouble.  
When he said he would take shiva, who he called Mew, I stood up.  I know, not quite interesting for a woman to stand up against a man, but I guess you all know me by now.  Than.. he took out a collar and opened it.  My inside was scared, but I did not show it. I sent birds to two friends... but .. they called their friends.. Sir Sinbad came with lady Aja on vella, and knowing the problems vella caused in Nine Wells... And Sir Odos.. my oh my, he called the people of Uthar.  I had visited Uthar some days ago.  The High Pasha of Uthar came to RR as well, and they kindly waited at the gate for my signal.  Than the High Pasha of Uthar walked into the city and asked if I needed help. 
Little by little the warriors of Uthar took in positions so that I would be safe.

And I must admit that when the warriors of WW arrived to help Sir Izakiel out, I felt great admiration for him.
He is a Master that really takes care of his slaves, wondering around Gor to find them and get them back.  I must admit that I was embarrassed that he found shiva, with whipmarks on his back, before I could have healed him.

The herbs I had bought to help him get his memory back seemed useles, and I got quite attached to shiva, for he was the one that took care of me, after that teasing attack of Sir Odos.

We finally made an agreement that he could take shiva, mew to him to WW, and I would be allowed to help him heal.
when I went to prison to meet the man that was held there, I heard voices talking about me..  I felt rather proud... 
I want to be there for you, always... I'm a healer at heart.. and I love you all.

Afterwards I went to the prisoncells, and took care of the man sitting there.  He said he wanted to be our baker, but was taken to jail for he had said that he came from urth.. and urthlings are no more but slaves... I sat down in front of the prisoncell and listened to him carefully.. The sun had hit this man hard, he had been saying things that must not be correct.  I suspect he is a true gorean coming from the north, just like dallas thought, and probably a wonderful baker..

Removal of sabels brand
by binta_amat (binta_amat)
at May 4th, 2008 (07:51 am)
current mood: busy

When I arrived in the city with my medical supplies needed for the removal of the branding, I found luppio and sabel sitting quietly at the gate.
I had put on my new surgical dress for the opeation and saw that sabel was afraid,so I asked luppio to join us in the infirmery.

I washed my hands, got the medical supplis near me, and set up  wheelchair for sabel, knowing that after the operaion she would not be able to walk.
 Sir George came briefly to the infirmery to note the procedure of the removal, he sat quietly at my desk and did not interfere.
sabel removed her silks and I prepared the mixture of Tassa pwoder and kalana, that I would give to sabel to knock her out so that she would sleep through the entire procedure.

luppio held  her hand until she was fast asleep.  I made her count to 10, the tease of a surgeon, knowing that a patient, once having drunk the tassa-kalana drink, will never be able to count till 10.
At 5... I saw her hand slipping out of her brothers hand, and I was sure that she was asleep, so I started the procedure. I cleaned the area on and around the brand as the patient drifted off and made sure it was free of debris by cleaning it with sterile water and a rep cloth.  I located an area to remove good skin from the sabels buttock.  I smiled when I heard luppio joke that his Master could use some of the strong mixture.  I whiped the skin donor site with green paga to disinfect and cleaned it. With a sharp scalpel I cut and removed the top layer of skin as well as the layer of tissue just beneath the epidermis.  I felt the sweat on my forehead, for I wanted this removal to be perfect.
I spread some marigold oil on the new wound to prevent infection, covered the wound with healing salve and a bandage and placed the skin to be transferred on a small tray kept cold with ice.
Luppio helped me turn sabel a little so that i could continue for the next part of the removal. I cleaned the site of the brand, disinfected it with green paga, making sure there was no debris. Than with a clean scalpel I cuts around the brand removing the tissue just below the epidermis about the same depth.  I saw luppio Cortes stare at the operation, and I feared he was going to faint, but he didn't. 
I continued and placed agimony and amaranth compress on the wound to stop bleeding and reduce the swelling.  I put the marigold oil  on the wound, took the skin from the iced tray and carefully covered the area where the brand was. I was very concentrated and attached the tissue beneath the top. Than I coverd the grafted skin with healing salve, put on the bandages secured with surgical tape.
That was just i time for sabel opened her eyes slowly. She was in pain so I gave her kanda leaves to take home and told her never to swallow them, for that would cause her death.  But as  the operation was just over, I prefered to wait with the kanda leaves and gave her som bazi tea.
With the help of luppio I was able to get her in the wheelchair, where she should stay unti the pain is over.

Aby, Sir Sinbad and Lady Aja's kajira
by binta_amat (binta_amat)
at May 2nd, 2008 (09:41 am)

current mood: good

 Aby, is such a funny kajira.. She sent me a bird to tell she left something for me at my house.  Curious as I am, I hurried home. And what was it?  A real bird!!  I entered my home and found a bird that followed me.. I went outside.. and the bird followed me.. I went inside and closed the door very quickly.. but the bird flew through the door.

and I heard aby laughing outside my house, saying that the bird loved me..
I left and when I came back late at night with my friend Lady Higher, the first thing we saw was.. another humming bird. 

It is may.. perhaps we have a nest of hummingbirds in Red Rock?

Dear citizens, if you find eggs of that hummingbird, keep them for my ursus?  I'm sure he will prepare something good with them!

Maybe serve them in the tavern? We have Sir Corbeau who will be opening the tavern and ursus promised to help and serve in the tavern.

FC of Sir George and Sir Marco
by binta_amat (binta_amat)
at May 1st, 2008 (04:10 pm)

 Last night we had a wonderful FC in Red Rock.. For those citizens who could not attend the party.. here are some drawings I  made.

fran was there, she was in a wheelchair for the had a broken leg.

My stepfather, Sir George and Sir Marco looked WONDERFUL

Our wonderful slaver, Sir Ric

me.. admiring Sir Viktel

the boy luppio

Sir Sinbad and his girl.. leashed.. a good thing for with aby around, one never knows

Sir Marco with the goblet in his hand

my wonderful looking stepfather

Sir Kit, Sir Georges son and me on our (step)fathers side.

The huge party cake

Sir George and Sir Marco... a wonderful couple

And our High Pasha, Sir Griffin, and his kind FC, Sir Viktel, Scribe in RR

FC of Sir George and Sir Marco
by binta_amat (binta_amat)
at April 28th, 2008 (10:59 pm)

current mood: happy

Griffin, by the mysterious plans of the King Priests, High Pasha of the Tashid and Ubar of the Oasis of Red Rock, to the noble citizens of the aforesaid Oasis and to their properties: honor, victory and wisdom!

It is our immense pleasure and delight to announce to the whole citizenship that the most noble Chief Scribe Sir George Barracuda and the brave warrior Sir Marco Akina, will celebrate their free companionship ceremony on Wednesday 30th April at 9 pm GMT (10 pm Italian and German time) of the vulgar calender.
The merry celebration will be held in Our presence, at the Sacred Palace of the Rising Phoenix. Therefore We proclaim the aforementioned day as a festival day for the whole Oasis and We invite everyone to attend.

Given at the Sacred Palace of the Rising Phoenix in the Oasis of the Battle of Red Rock, the 4th Day of the month of Henius 10159 Contasta Ar.

We Griffin, wrote, signed and sealed of Our own hand.

Note from Sir George
by binta_amat (binta_amat)
at April 28th, 2008 (08:01 am)

Tal to all Citizens and their properties

Just to inform that the boi called ursu, property of Lady Binta Amat has been taken to jail by Me.

The boi insulted Me in front of his brother dallas.

The boi will remain in jail until he is taken to a proper trial and judgement!

No Frees or slaves are allowed to take him out of jail for any reason.

George Barracuda
Chief Scribe and Head Magistrate

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