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FC of Sir George and Sir Marco
by binta_amat (binta_amat)
at April 28th, 2008 (10:59 pm)

current mood: happy

Griffin, by the mysterious plans of the King Priests, High Pasha of the Tashid and Ubar of the Oasis of Red Rock, to the noble citizens of the aforesaid Oasis and to their properties: honor, victory and wisdom!

It is our immense pleasure and delight to announce to the whole citizenship that the most noble Chief Scribe Sir George Barracuda and the brave warrior Sir Marco Akina, will celebrate their free companionship ceremony on Wednesday 30th April at 9 pm GMT (10 pm Italian and German time) of the vulgar calender.
The merry celebration will be held in Our presence, at the Sacred Palace of the Rising Phoenix. Therefore We proclaim the aforementioned day as a festival day for the whole Oasis and We invite everyone to attend.

Given at the Sacred Palace of the Rising Phoenix in the Oasis of the Battle of Red Rock, the 4th Day of the month of Henius 10159 Contasta Ar.

We Griffin, wrote, signed and sealed of Our own hand.