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Aby, Sir Sinbad and Lady Aja's kajira
by binta_amat (binta_amat)
at May 2nd, 2008 (09:41 am)

current mood: good

 Aby, is such a funny kajira.. She sent me a bird to tell she left something for me at my house.  Curious as I am, I hurried home. And what was it?  A real bird!!  I entered my home and found a bird that followed me.. I went outside.. and the bird followed me.. I went inside and closed the door very quickly.. but the bird flew through the door.

and I heard aby laughing outside my house, saying that the bird loved me..
I left and when I came back late at night with my friend Lady Higher, the first thing we saw was.. another humming bird. 

It is may.. perhaps we have a nest of hummingbirds in Red Rock?

Dear citizens, if you find eggs of that hummingbird, keep them for my ursus?  I'm sure he will prepare something good with them!

Maybe serve them in the tavern? We have Sir Corbeau who will be opening the tavern and ursus promised to help and serve in the tavern.