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Removal of sabels brand
by binta_amat (binta_amat)
at May 4th, 2008 (07:51 am)
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When I arrived in the city with my medical supplies needed for the removal of the branding, I found luppio and sabel sitting quietly at the gate.
I had put on my new surgical dress for the opeation and saw that sabel was afraid,so I asked luppio to join us in the infirmery.

I washed my hands, got the medical supplis near me, and set up  wheelchair for sabel, knowing that after the operaion she would not be able to walk.
 Sir George came briefly to the infirmery to note the procedure of the removal, he sat quietly at my desk and did not interfere.
sabel removed her silks and I prepared the mixture of Tassa pwoder and kalana, that I would give to sabel to knock her out so that she would sleep through the entire procedure.

luppio held  her hand until she was fast asleep.  I made her count to 10, the tease of a surgeon, knowing that a patient, once having drunk the tassa-kalana drink, will never be able to count till 10.
At 5... I saw her hand slipping out of her brothers hand, and I was sure that she was asleep, so I started the procedure. I cleaned the area on and around the brand as the patient drifted off and made sure it was free of debris by cleaning it with sterile water and a rep cloth.  I located an area to remove good skin from the sabels buttock.  I smiled when I heard luppio joke that his Master could use some of the strong mixture.  I whiped the skin donor site with green paga to disinfect and cleaned it. With a sharp scalpel I cut and removed the top layer of skin as well as the layer of tissue just beneath the epidermis.  I felt the sweat on my forehead, for I wanted this removal to be perfect.
I spread some marigold oil on the new wound to prevent infection, covered the wound with healing salve and a bandage and placed the skin to be transferred on a small tray kept cold with ice.
Luppio helped me turn sabel a little so that i could continue for the next part of the removal. I cleaned the site of the brand, disinfected it with green paga, making sure there was no debris. Than with a clean scalpel I cuts around the brand removing the tissue just below the epidermis about the same depth.  I saw luppio Cortes stare at the operation, and I feared he was going to faint, but he didn't. 
I continued and placed agimony and amaranth compress on the wound to stop bleeding and reduce the swelling.  I put the marigold oil  on the wound, took the skin from the iced tray and carefully covered the area where the brand was. I was very concentrated and attached the tissue beneath the top. Than I coverd the grafted skin with healing salve, put on the bandages secured with surgical tape.
That was just i time for sabel opened her eyes slowly. She was in pain so I gave her kanda leaves to take home and told her never to swallow them, for that would cause her death.  But as  the operation was just over, I prefered to wait with the kanda leaves and gave her som bazi tea.
With the help of luppio I was able to get her in the wheelchair, where she should stay unti the pain is over.