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note from Lady khalida Juutilainen
by binta_amat (binta_amat)
at June 7th, 2008 (03:11 pm)

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Today I recieved this note from Lady khalida Juutilainen 


I am sending this note to a few FW who might be interested in joining me for the following:

My FC, the Admin of Hellenos and I have noticed that FW in SL Gor have a fairly unbalanced representation and the attitude of many towards them is not as it should be.  Constantly faced with being the sport of collaring (for totally the wrong reasons) and lacking their due respect, these highly prized ladies (according to John Norman) deserve to be in their rightful place. The bearers of the new generation of Goreans and  their educators, these women have an esteemed place in Gorean society.

Much work has to be done to show the true value of the Gorean FW, and it is my belief that this can be done slowly and surely by women showing more openly the active part that they can play in SL Gor. FW are waling around with the tag "jaded Free Woman" over their heads. This just about describes how many women feel - we are not all wannabe slaves or slaves in waiting - we have a role that is wide and varied if only we are allowed to play it - whether it be in a lifestyle sim or purely RP.

One way is to have regular and publicised FW events, another is to have regular visits across sims for local events where the women are seen and heard, yet another is to have a booth at the Gorean Hub with quotes and other attractions, even a FW center is on the cards.  We need to be able to make FW feel much more secure in their roles - to have quotes and practical things at their fingertips and to be able to instigate things on their sims that will bring kudos to their city or settlement.

FW do not want to be seen as hanging around waiting for a FC (although that is nice when it happens!!) but a woman who gets up and does things for the city rather that sit on the sidelines is so much more attractive, accepted, integrated and protected.

I have the makings of a FW day - more fun than anything - but am open to lots more events and lots of ideas. I am also about to start a simple set of FW studies for new FW and freed slaves.

I am inviting you to be part of this  effort - whether you can dedicate large or small amounts of time is all appreciated. It is going to be fun with a very serious intent and I am hoping that by our examples we can change the lesser attitudes towards FW right around SL Gor.  It is going to be exciting and fun and I do hope you will join me.

If you are interested please IM me and I will get bck to you. Equally if you have interested friend please get them to IM me even if you think you cannot spare the time.

I hope we can all get together shortly after you recieve this message.

Anyone wanting to know more about it can contact Lady khalida Juutilainen inworld