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guy_with_hounds [userpic]
A Gorean wine for the Real World
by guy_with_hounds (guy_with_hounds)
at November 7th, 2008 (05:43 am)

The ancient Greeks had a word for wine. Vitis, from which we get the word vital meaning needed for life. We man and woman of Gor live outside the norms of society. For us Gor is as Vital as breathing. So are our wines.


When you walk into a tavern on Gor you have many choices Mead, Page, Ka-la-na or even the rare gem of Thentis - Black Wine.


While we here at


Each bottle - and their are only 500 in existence - come with a certificate of authenticity, a hand sewn black carry case and are numbered.


Starting the week of November 8, 2008 you can purchase this bit of Gor here on Earth. Go to www.goreanwines.com or simply call 440-293-8199 and state proudly that you wish to purchase some "Black wine" inspired by Gor and those who live it.


www.goreanwines.com feel we have created a wine that was inspired by John Norman's Chronicles of Gor. A lush 100 % Pinot Noir with hints of coffee, mocha, cherries and black currents. Truly a rare and wonderful find, worthy of a Gorean.