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dallas... bald... due to fleas
by binta_amat (binta_amat)
at April 27th, 2008 (10:26 am)

current mood: amused

I hope he is the only one to be bald.... When I arrived at the scribery to take care of a new boy for my Stepfather, I suddenly saw dallas, cleaning, carefully not to spoil his silks :-)
But as he draw my attention to the hair of the new boy, which he compared to his own... and I looked at his.. and...
dallas first tried to explain it was sand in his hair, but we never saw moving sand before!
So...Sir George took care of him, while I was on urth shopping (yes Leo.. once again)


When I came back.. there was not one hair on his body left...We all looked at him, the High Pasha, Sir Spin, Sir Viktel, Sir Ric and myself. He cried and I tried to comfort him, telling him that I always heard that on an intelligent head, hair does not grow.(which made Sir Viktel smile). or that fleas only love a clean place to stay... and I finally gave him a bottle of something I got on urth, that should help to make his hair grow back faster.
But as a proud kajirus he told me he would keep it in case the hair would not grow back..
Anyone, please don't laugh at our First Kajirus of RR.  He is a wonderful boy! he just doesn't have hair for the moment.

Lette to our High Pasha
by binta_amat (binta_amat)
at April 26th, 2008 (12:44 pm)

To The Mighty Lord His Grace The Tashid Pasha
                           Griffin Hoorenbeck
My Lord,
the time my tired steps precede my soul has come on the doorstep of Your thriving warm-walled town. I've seen lots of Lands and their wickedness, lots of People and their absurdities, but lots of daring hearts too and their bravery was the push to let me go on, despite the weariness and this sour youth that turns me into an aesthetic multiplicity, abhorrent for who harbours an ancient creature within, caged by his own skin and immortal, as he said.

He, the wizard, the weird and dirty being who once called and killed each positive parts of his soul to devote to envy and grudge for a lost golden age and a power late to be appreciated.
If only my poor and careless family knew the deadly snake they were growing. We lost everything as his curse fell down on my people.
The eternal youth for all. forever, untill the organs shrivelled as dry burned leaves and all the veins drained away. But nothing would have appeared. Candour, beauty, youthness only, for all the people. A deadly disease that forced brave men and wise women to their darkest frenzies and their most perverted pleasures till they became the shadows of their wishes. And the madness killed them. My land became a field of exquisite corpses.

And the same curse fell down on my family.
And over me, the youngest prince, an endless old age buried in a beautiful body.

Plight and insanity forced me to look at my limits, a lot thanks to my age, a few for a still fighting heart. They called me the Speculator, maybe because they saw in my silence the will to know thrugh the mind. A mask protect my old and husky voice, i don't want to unveil the horrible spell though my hair are grey and my eyes are unshining.

And now i'm here, hat in hand, waiting for You to allow me to enter Your town, to finally reach the chance of a choice, to know who i am, if i am mortal or deathless, an old wise man or a lame young, if it really makes sense a dry apple covered by sweet and hot caramel.


Aart Messmer
Last Prince Enchanter
of the Royal House of the Messmers of the White Growing Lands

A scroll from our High Pasha
by binta_amat (binta_amat)
at April 23rd, 2008 (09:18 am)

Griffin Hoorenbeek, by the mysterious plans of the king Priests, High Pasha of the Tashid and Ubar of Red Rock, to His most beloved Citizens and their properties: peace, health and glory for ever!

Noble and beloved Citizens, as a topic about rumors concerning a city called "Red Rock" are increasing in the city, We are forced to state the following:

1) there is no other gorean city that can be called as the Oasis of the Battle of Red Rock except our beloved Oasis that was established a long time ago by those ones who survived the big disaster that doomed the ancient Red Rock where Charles Tiramisu was the High Pasha;

2) according to the statement no.1 any interactions ((role play)) with anyone coming from that non-existing city are forbidden for Citizens of the Oasis; only special envoyes will be allowed to go there with Our Grace's permission

3) ((any SIMS that is not officially gorean-english speaking cannot be recognized as valid in RP))

Caring for the good state of this City and the safety of its noble Citizens and of their slaves, it is Our will that everybody AVOID to recognize or interact with the non-existing city, their citizens and with all those men/women/slaves that are involved in relationships with the non-existing city.

For those ones found guilty not to follow this statement Our Grace commands them to be treated as the worst traitors, they will be thrown in jail for 3 days then whipped 20 times on the public place and then exiliated from the Oasis forever, allowed to exit the City gate with only 2 waterbags of fresh water.

Given at the Sacred Palace of Red Rock, signed and sealed by Our hand, the 2nd day of the 1st hand of the Second Month in the 8th year of the 3rd millenium of the Priest Kings [21st April 2008].

Griffin, High Pasha of the Tashid

Lady Aja safe in Red Rock
by binta_amat (binta_amat)
at April 21st, 2008 (08:01 am)

My dear fellow citizens, my good Friend, lady Aja, came to Red Rock.  There were some issues in Nine Wells, mostly due to the fact that she was pregnant (see my personal journal to find out more).  She fled from Nine Wells, crossed the desert, has been collared to a lady, who finally returned her to her one and only Sinbad.
I have promised Sinbad that Aja would be safe in our city, so he decided to bring her here.

She is probably pregnant and resting in my home.  If any of our citizens see her, please talk to her and make her comfortable?  She has been through a lot.  I know I can't be in the city as much as I would like to, so I ask you all this favor.
Lady Aja is small, kind and.. often walks barefooted... and I, like so many others, adore her.
Thank you all.

quest for aja - becca
by binta_amat (binta_amat)
at April 19th, 2008 (08:59 pm)

current mood: anxious

today we went to Midgaard to look for Aja.
Sir Ric accompanied us, for Midgaard is indeed not a safe city.  When we arrived a poor girl was being hunted.
A little later there was a panther attack.  Ric was attacked and luckily Abs pushed me away... for that fight might have hurt me to!

Romayne came to our aid, for being in Midgaard without an escort.. no way.. not for this lady!

We talked to all Free and slave in the city, but nobody could help us.

Aja, becca, whatever your name may be, we love you and will not rest until we find you!

Ursus stor
by binta_amat (binta_amat)
at April 19th, 2008 (07:19 pm)

current mood: amused

My boy sent me this... so I put it on the journal.

Hello, my name is Ursus Aeon. I am the property of the Head Healer of the Oasis of the battle of Red Rock.
I was a happy,but somewhat lonely boy on Urth,and one day I met a tall handsome white-haired man.
He was kind to this boy and offered him candy and pleasant conversation. He also made other promises I will not mention here.
This man took the boy to Gor and had it Submit to a life of slavery. The boy had many adventures there but those are for other stories.
It puts me in mind of a story.
Once upon a time there was a beautiful meadow, in the center of the meadow was a tall,old oak tree.
A mother bird had built a nest in the tree and had baby birds.
One of the baby birds fell from the nest, It laid cold and scared on the ground.Cheep, Cheep cried the baby bird!
A cow was nearby, and heard the bird. It saw that the baby bird was cold but not being able to climb the oak did the only thing it could think of.
The cow pooped a warm pile onto the bird,and left.
CHEEP! CHEEP! I am in poop the baby bird cried!
A fox heard the cries and came to investigate, it saw the baby coverd in poop and pulled it out.
The fox then swallowed the baby bird and ran away with a smile on its face.
There are 2 morals to this story, The first moral is that not everyone who poops on you is trying to hurt you, and not everyone who pulls you out is trying to help.
The second moral is that when you are in poop up to your neck you should keep your mouth closed,it could get deeper!
I am now happy and well adjusted to my life in Red Rock. I love my Mistress dearly and would give my life for Her.
I have made many loyal friends in the City and think it the bestest of places.

looking for Aja
by binta_amat (binta_amat)
at April 18th, 2008 (11:07 pm)

current mood: sleepy

On my personal journal I wrote about my good friend Aja (click Friends to see that story..)
She ran away after a minor misuderstanding, she fled to RR.. and there we met a lady, lady Deepa, who looked more like a panther, but who says she is not... Any way, Aja trusted her and went with her, promising she would send me a bird, which she did.. 
Today I got te message, a folded paper. 

After Lady Deepa left, Sir Ric said he would escort me.  I simply needed to do something!  I adore Aja.. and I could not remain on the side and watch.. That is not me.

So we went to Schendi.

We were in trouble with the language.. so Ric called a boy that could help.

We asked.. and asked.. but no aja in Schendi.. We we won't give up!

sabel and dallas
by binta_amat (binta_amat)
at April 18th, 2008 (05:07 pm)

current mood: anxious

last night our High Pasha told us of another Red Rock city that was being built...
Everyone is upset, and we hope that the diplomats will be able to do their job and that the problem will be solved in a peaceful.

In case there would be a fight, the slaves already started to excercise... launching melons.. dalles told sabel she could aim for his "broom"... I smiled and left.

Red Rock...
by binta_amat (binta_amat)
at April 15th, 2008 (08:24 am)

 When I arrived in Red Rock I heard Leo shouting, and calling for help to Spin.  Leo is such a tease.  Spin hurried to find his FC, but Leo was where Spin would never have though he would be: on top of one of the towers...
I sent him a parachute to jump... but the parachute didn't open before... he landed... :-)

Than Mikal, a new boy came to town and I examind him...  a cute, kind boy...  I hope he will stay in our city!.


Griefers... I HATE them.. don't make a Mistress MADDDD
by binta_amat (binta_amat)
at April 12th, 2008 (12:44 pm)

current mood: annoyed

Today while we were peacefully talking some griefers attacked our city!
The first one, Drago Denja, was more like captain Kirk according to Sir Spin.. and he killed us several times... only not in a gorean way, so we survived
[3:22]  You died and have been teleported to your home location
[3:23]  You died and have been teleported to your home location
[3:23]  You died and have been teleported to your home location
[3:23]  You died and have been teleported to your home location

This one is called secondpolice oh.. seemed to me like an idiot as soon I got him on camera.  The gate could not avoid them getting in.. and since they did not listen, we had no other choice but to ban them (mmm.. and I found out that I have that power....)

They left some of their idiot stuff... well.. my father always says.. you can only use the brains you have...
I guess they don't have the brains... a normal thinking person would not do these kinds of things, they would not try to spoil somebody elses game, a normal thinking person would respect others...
Sir Spin and Sir Viktel, rowan and twenter and myself remained talking, ignoring the other griefers that were called by the idiots
Chibi Bonetto joined them.. and got banned as well.. not only from RR, but also from the land of our Friends.
This is what Gor is about, it is honor and pride and being there for each other!