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shiva.. and his owner
by binta_amat (binta_amat)
at May 4th, 2008 (09:14 am)

current mood: excited

Last night, sabel called me to RR, for two reasons.  One was a man in prison that needed my attention, and shiva, who seemed to have been forgotten in the cage in the kennel.
I went to the kennel, and with the help of some clever slaves, we were able to release the poor boy.  I gave him some kanda to chew on; being in that cage for two days gave him painful muscles.

Than we went to see the man in prison.. but when we arrived there I saw a Warrior showing a drawing, as soon as I saw the drawing I knew we were in trouble.  
When he said he would take shiva, who he called Mew, I stood up.  I know, not quite interesting for a woman to stand up against a man, but I guess you all know me by now.  Than.. he took out a collar and opened it.  My inside was scared, but I did not show it. I sent birds to two friends... but .. they called their friends.. Sir Sinbad came with lady Aja on vella, and knowing the problems vella caused in Nine Wells... And Sir Odos.. my oh my, he called the people of Uthar.  I had visited Uthar some days ago.  The High Pasha of Uthar came to RR as well, and they kindly waited at the gate for my signal.  Than the High Pasha of Uthar walked into the city and asked if I needed help. 
Little by little the warriors of Uthar took in positions so that I would be safe.

And I must admit that when the warriors of WW arrived to help Sir Izakiel out, I felt great admiration for him.
He is a Master that really takes care of his slaves, wondering around Gor to find them and get them back.  I must admit that I was embarrassed that he found shiva, with whipmarks on his back, before I could have healed him.

The herbs I had bought to help him get his memory back seemed useles, and I got quite attached to shiva, for he was the one that took care of me, after that teasing attack of Sir Odos.

We finally made an agreement that he could take shiva, mew to him to WW, and I would be allowed to help him heal.
when I went to prison to meet the man that was held there, I heard voices talking about me..  I felt rather proud... 
I want to be there for you, always... I'm a healer at heart.. and I love you all.

Afterwards I went to the prisoncells, and took care of the man sitting there.  He said he wanted to be our baker, but was taken to jail for he had said that he came from urth.. and urthlings are no more but slaves... I sat down in front of the prisoncell and listened to him carefully.. The sun had hit this man hard, he had been saying things that must not be correct.  I suspect he is a true gorean coming from the north, just like dallas thought, and probably a wonderful baker..