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georgebarracuda [userpic]
the Oasis of the Battle of Red Rock ... more beautiful
by georgebarracuda (georgebarracuda)
at June 27th, 2008 (11:01 am)

current mood: excited


... after a few days and a huge work our beloved Oasis is much more beautiful than ever .... bigger spaces, new furtures and a large market area that We all hope will increase in the future.

a new Golden Gate                                                                           .. entering the city, just close to the left .. a wonderful Tahari Cafè

..the Oasis Scribery in front of the Homestone Obelisque        .... a new larger and more furnished Arena

.. we do take care of our beloved Free Women, with a nice pavillion only for them (men are not allowed in it)

A new building for the Public Baths was established with a lovely sand garden inside

Thanks to His Grace's magnificency the Oasis is still growing ... and a special thank goes also to our beloved sabel and dallas, who really helped so much in all the work.

George Barracuda
Chief Scribe and Head Magistrate